This sections contains module documentation of formatter module.


Class for code automatic text formatting.

Attributes :

  • _instance - instance reference
  • _instance_created - bool, True if created
  • _config - Config instance reference
  • _patterns - text patterns
  • _amend_keys - automatically amended keys

Properties (Getters) :

  • config - returns _config

Methods :

  • __init__

Constructor, singleton pattern. Initialize references, parse configuration.

  • get_instance

Returns instance reference, singleton pattern.

  • _parse_config

Method parses configuration, indent length for patterns.

  • _make_patterns

Method sets regular expression for patterns - python keywords, yoda tags, amended keys.

  • format_text

Method automatically formats text according to rule (pressed key).

  • _amend_key

Method writes key when triggered by configured key, used for brackets.

  • _indent

Method indents text for configured patterns - yoda tags, python keywords.