This sections contains module documentation of explorer module.


Class for Explorer frame.

Attributes :

  • _instance - instance reference
  • _instance_created - bool, True if created
  • _root - Gui instance reference
  • _trn - Translator instance reference
  • _config - Config instance reference
  • _editor - Editor instance reference
  • _logger - Logger instance reference
  • _yoda_tree - YodaTree instance reference
  • _autocompleter - AutoCompleter instance reference
  • _projects - projects configuration
  • _tree - TreeView with project tree
  • _vsb - VerticalBar
  • _hsb - HorizontalBar
  • _menu - context menu
  • _menu_new - context submenu

Properties (Getters) :

  • root - returns _root
  • trn - returns _trn
  • config - returns _config
  • editor - returns _editor
  • logger - returns _logger
  • yoda_tree - returns _yoda_tree
  • autocompleter - returns _autocompleter

Methods :

  • __init__

Constructor, singleton pattern. Initialize references and GUI, parse configuration.

  • get_instance

Returns instance reference, singleton pattern.

  • _parse_config

Method parses configuration, gets projects and populates tree.

  • _set_gui

Method initializes GUI, tree, scrollbars, context menu.

  • _set_menu

Method initializes context menu.

  • _autoscroll

Method provides automatic scrolling for tree position.

  • _context_menu

Method displays context menu.

  • _populate_project

Method populates requested project.

  • _populate_tree

Method populates tree, project is root, directories are nodes, files are leafs.

  • _update_tree

Method updates tree content.

  • new_file

Method creates new file vie editor method.

  • new_project

Method asks for directory and creates project. If project doesn’t exist method prepares initial structure. Windows: root directory is created via dialog, Linux: directory is created via method (dialog provides path). Otherwise the project is only added to explorer and configuration. Project modules are added to PYTHONPATH.

  • new_directory

Method asks for directory and refreshes project tree. Windows: directory is created via dialog, Linux: directory is created via method (dialog provides path).

  • _new_template_file

Method creates new file from template and opens tab. Filepath is provided via dialog.

  • new_helper

Method creates helper file from template.

  • new_library

Method creates library file from template.

  • new_test

Method creates test file from template.

  • new_archive

Method creates archive file from template.

  • new_draft

Method creates draft file from template.

  • _open

Method opens tab with tab content, filepath gets from tree. If file is already open it selects tab only.

  • _copy

Method copies file from tree, path is stored to clipboard.

  • _paste

Method pastes to tree, path is read from clipboard.

  • _delete

Method deletes file or directory from tree and refreshes tree. Method asks for confirmation. If file is open it closes appropriate tab.

  • refresh

Method refreshes requested part of tree.