This sections contains module documentation of autocompleter module.


Class for code automatic completion. It uses external module jedi

Attributes :

  • _instance - instance reference
  • _instance_created - bool, True if created
  • _root - Gui instance reference
  • _config - Config instance reference
  • _tab - current FileTab instance reference
  • _win - Top window
  • _tree - TreeView with code completion
  • _vbar - VerticalBar

Properties (Getters) :

  • root - returns _root
  • config - returns _config
  • tab - returns _tab

Methods :

  • __init__

Constructor, singleton pattern. Initialize references, parse configuration.

  • get_instance

Returns instance reference, singleton pattern.

  • _parse_config

Method parses configuration, add modules to PYTHONPATH.

  • update_pythonpath

Method add project specific modules to PYTHONPATH.

  • _set_gui

Method initializes GUI - window, tree with code autocompletion.

  • show_completion

Method shows available code completion for current python or jedi file. When only completion is available, it is completed.

  • _complete

Method writes requested code completion to text. Functions and classes are completed also with parameters.